S&F – Food & Beverages

Skandjuice & Food AB is a leading distributor and partner to the travel and leisure industry in Scandinavia.

As a long established independent company we have the contacts and solutions to meet your client’s demands for secure and timely deliveries. Whether supplying drinks, confectionary, snacks, frozen or chilled products Skandjuice & Food offers Scandinavian coverage. Fast and flexible service of innovative products that meet customer needs. We distribute from our warehouse in Stockholm Sweden and from partner warehouses in Copenhagen Denmark.

We are wholesale food distributors in Scandinavia which means that we import and source food and beverages for our clients. We also represent our suppliers and often act as their local partners for the Scandinavian markets. Our main focus is the airline and airline caterer industry which has special needs and require a dedicated assortment, specialized services and a deep understanding of the challenges of this industry. With over 50 years of experience (we were established in 1967) and a dedicated team, we believe that we can be the best specialized wholesaler for the airline industry in our markets.